Product Number : Pump/Groz/Barrel Pump


Groz Rotary Barrel Pump

Make – India

Warning :

* Fuels containing Ethanol will cause more frequent replacement of rubber parts

* Never operate the pump near fire or source of spark. Some media may be explosive & dangerous to pump


Rotary barrel pump with aluminum die cast pump body, heavy duty zinc die cast rotor & vanes
Ideal for use in industrial & Automotive applications
Includes a 2” cast iron bung adaptor & dia cast aluminum handle with security locking latch
Complete with a 3pc threaded suction tube for use on 15 gallons (50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 Litre) barrels
1.8m PVC nitrile delivery hose with metal nozzle, soring and hose clamp.
Wetted Components : Aluminum Zinc, Steel NBR & PVC nitrile
Recommended Use : Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene & Lubricating oils up to SAE 90

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