Colibri Tank Level Monitoring

Product Number : Colibri/Probe/LL2/101


The Colibri monitoring system is ideal for the fueling station owner who requires basic, straightforward information on fuel inventory. The Colibri system can monitor fuel density and inventory levels to provide you with performance, power, protection and value in a package a fraction of the average size. Have confidence in the quality and quantity of your fuel inventory with the highest functioning, best value solution available: the Colibri tank monitoring system from Franklin Fueling Systems.

The Colibri tank monitoring system gives you the power of accurate, reliable information concerning your underground or aboveground tanks. From the comfort of your office, laptop or mobile device you can be sure that the Colibri monitor protects your business.

Make: USA Brand: Franklin Fueling
Fuel measurement
Density measurement (optional)
Delivery Reports
Web interface
Static Leak detection
Maximum six tanks
Water intrusion alarms
email alerts

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