• Dhanushka Engineering

    Tank Installation Services

    We provide any type of tank installation services to any part of the island. We undertake not only fuel storage tank installations but also other types of storage tanks. e.g. water, oil etc…

    We also undertake overground tank installations.

  • Dhanushka Engineering

    Pipe Line Installation Services

    We construct and install of any type of pipe lines. Some of the pipe lines that we undertake are Fuel, Fire, Water ,Steam ,Air and Thermic oil.

    This includes underground and over ground pipe lines.

    We also undertake designing of the pipes if requested by customer.

  • Dhanushka Engineering

    Bowser Repairs

    We provide repairs to bowsers manufactured by us and also other bowsers that are not manufactured by us. Some of the services includes modifications to the bowsers, painting, valve repairs and changing, fabricating etc…

    We also undertake to re-modify any change in standards by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation as per authorized persons

  • Dhanushka Engineering

    Steel Fabricating Works

    We undetake any steel related fabrications, some of the work undertaken by us are roofs, structures, machinery modifications etc…

  • Dhanushka Engineering

    Transport Services

    We also provide island wide transportation of fuel storage tanks. We do not restrict our transportation only for fuel storage tanks but also transportation of heavy machinery or items.